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SurfCity BitchWear makes what is arguably the finest bitchwear available anywhere. SurfCity is known world wide as a leading producer of top quality BitchWear but we also produce a top quality line of belly bands for the boys on the the block. 

As we all know, all dogs are not created equal. For that reason SurfCity BitchWear makes their panties specifically for the breeds. You will not find a large medium small thank you very much selection here. Our panties are sized to fit each dog accordingly. Whether you have a long coursing style or a short backed breed we will make your panties to fit your breed. We also alter the size of the tailhole itself for big fluffy tails to long thin tails or even no tails at all!

SurfCity BitchWear and BoyzWear are made from top quality fabric as they come available. We have our core materials that are generally available in all sizes and styles and also the latest materials available on the market. Most bitchwear is available with or without ruffles. Some of these limited edition panties go very quickly so check back frequently to see what the most fashionable showdogs are wearing these days. 

SurfCity BitchWear's product line will show all the fabrics that are currently available and in what sizes. It is here that you can find your purchase options. 

Our Sizing page offers detailed instructions on how to measure your dog for the perfect fit. A common size will be conveyed as  Medium 6 (M6) or Extra Small 3 (XS3). Please refer to the sizing page to gain a better understanding of how truly remarkable our BitchWear is. 

If your bitch has any special needs please let us know. For examples our fleece lining can be replaced by Satin or velvet if your girls coat is prone to matting.

Customer Satisfaction is the bottom line at SurfCity BitchWear and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are happy and your girl is clean, comfortable and always stylish. Please come in take a look and let us know what you think. 

Please direct any questions to alpha@scwbitchwear.com